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We provide a wide range of services that enable you to communicate securely and efficiently Our offering includes chat applications, video calls, and PBX systems that you can utilize either through third-party software solutions or on your own servers.

With chat applications, you can communicate with colleagues and clients through an encrypted and secure platform. Thanks to video calls, you can have interactive meetings with others without concerns about the security of your communication. And with PBX systems, you can manage and coordinate telephone calls within your organization, choosing between third-party software solutions or installing on your own servers.

We also offer you the option of hosting and managing these communication tools on your own servers, providing you with maximum control and flexibility. Your data is protected and managed according to your needs and security requirements.


  • Implementation of SSL certificates for websites: We ensure data transmission encryption over the internet, enhancing security and trust in communication.
  • End-to-End encryption for cloud data storage: Your data is protected through encryption from storage to access.
  • Secure chat and video call solutions: We provide a secure environment for communication using encryption and secure protocols.
  • Secure third-party software solutions: We assist with selecting and implementing software solutions that ensure your communication and data protection.
  • Consultations and audits in communication security: We offer expert advice and audits to identify potential risks and propose measures to enhance security.

In case of specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.