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Cybersecurity is a key aspect of protecting information systems. It involves a coordinated combination of people, processes, and security technologies aimed at preventing, detecting, and responding to various threats and risks. It aims to ensure that information systems, such as networks, servers, and data, are protected against unauthorized access, theft, destruction, or compromise of their availability, integrity, and confidentiality. For this reason, it’s important to have trained personnel, proper processes, and deployed security technologies that ensure your company’s protection.


Cybersecurity analysis

We follow the current legislation of the Slovak Republic, international standards, and so-called best practices in the field of information security management. And this applies even if you are not a critical infrastructure and the Law on Cybersecurity doesn’t directly apply to you.
Malware and attackers don’t differentiate; they attack in the same way.

Cybersecurity solutions

There are several areas related to cybersecurity management.
In each of these areas, we can conduct partial analysis and prepare suitable process and technical solutions for you.

Cybersecurity training

Human is the weakest link in cybersecurity. Employees tend to forget directives and recommendations over time. Training is your smallest investment with the greatest impact.


We provide cybersecurity solutions with high levels of security, performance, and user-friendliness for small and medium businesses, medium-sized organizations, and consumers.





Multi-layered endpoint protection

Protect desktops, laptops, and servers with multi-layered security featuring effective malware detection and minimal false alarms. Machine learning models from Bitdefender utilize static and dynamic features, constantly trained on billions of samples of clean and malicious files collected from hundreds of millions of endpoints worldwide. If a threat is identified, it’s immediately neutralized through process termination, quarantining, removal, and restoring malicious changes.

Prevention and mitigation of ransomware consequences

Ransomware poses a significant challenge for organizations worldwide. With extensive ransomware research and decryption tools from Bitdefender, we have helped victims save billions. Bitdefender accurately detects new ransomware patterns even before execution and during runtime, providing you with the most advanced protection for your systems.

Protection through endpoint risk management

Effective identification, assessment, and remediation of endpoint vulnerabilities are key to the proper functioning of a security program and reducing risk for organizations. The GravityZone Business Security infrastructure for endpoint risk management reduces vulnerability and strengthens endpoint resilience by detecting and prioritizing critical configuration and software vulnerabilities.

Defense against network attacks

Gain a new level of protection against network vulnerability attacks. Expand protection into new areas through network security that blocks threats such as brute-force attacks, password theft, network abuse, and lateral movement before they even initiate.

The GravityZone Business Security technology is built on an adaptive layered architecture, encompassing endpoint control, prevention, detection, recovery, and transparency.


Privacy protection allows you to fully secure your communication on computers and mobile devices against third-party eavesdropping. For this security, we use state-of-the-art technologies and proven techniques. SECOM Security can be deployed on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on Windows and Linux computers. The service is divided into BASIC, MEDIUM, and BUSINESS packages. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Supported operating systems for PCs: Windows, Linux
Supported mobile operating systems: Android, iOS

Encryption of emails using secure PGP (web-of-trust) or S/MIME technologies tailored to the client’s needs. In the case of S/MIME, a globally recognized certification authority is used. Both technologies utilize proven asymmetric encryption with sufficiently long keys.

Disk encryption is implemented using dm-crypt or other available encryption technologies, employing symmetric AES-256 or stronger encryption. We can also apply complete encryption to Android phones.


We provide implementation, configuration, and management of firewalls, whether it’s a virtual firewall, web application firewall, or hardware devices. Each installation is individual based on client requirements.


We provide implementation, configuration, and management of VPN networks with a security certificate. Multi-user access and remote connection from anywhere are standard features, whether through a web interface or client applications. Each installation is individual based on client requirements.


We provide monitoring for detecting security events as well as automatic monitoring to keep track of our cloud servers. Monitoring of running services, ports, as well as CPU load, temperature, and disk usage.

In case of specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.